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Ciampa Antico: Features

“… and her mother handed her a gold flask of olive oil, so that she and her maids could use it after bathing”  Odyssey, VI, 77


Ciampa Antico is a certified organic extra virgin olive oil, awarded Best Calabria Region Organic Oil in collaboration with the Azienda Agricola Bova.


Extra-virgin olive oil should come only from virgin oil productions and contain no more than 0.8 percent acidity. During the extraction process, no chemicals should be used. Also, extra-virgin olive oil should be cold-pressed, which means that no heat over a certain temperature is used during processing.


Ciampa Antico respects all these factors, and presents 0.3 percent acidity, offering a fruity and intense, mild and delicate flavor. Ciampa Antico presents an aroma of cut grass, wild flowers, artichoke, and apple, and is delicately bitter in the mouth.


Free from pollution, the soil where the Ciampa Antico Extra Virgin Oil is made presents natural potassium and phosphorus creating a perfect ph 8. Altogether, with the modern pressing solutions, the olive oil maintains high quantity of lipid-soluble vitamins, antioxidant fibers, and minerals, thus boosting its quality standards.

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