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Join us in Calabria to experience the beauty of the simplest pleasures in life. In the town of Amaroni, we can organize for you some of the most exciting and unique experiences for you to share with your friends and your family, exploring local traditions and places. Give yourself the gift of a beautiful memory. For inquiries and booking please contact:

Il Palazzo

Stay at Palazzo Ciampa,  situated in the main square of the

town of Amaroni and was built at the end of the 1800's by Venanzio Ciampa for his 8-siblings family.

Cultural Tours

Dive into the local history, by visiting ancient neighboring towns such as Gerace, situated inside the Aspromonte National Park, with its stunning castle and cathedral; Squillace Antica, that sits on 3 hill tops and that features a castle built in the11th century; the medieval village of Badolato, immersed in nature; and the ghostly borgo of Pentedattilo.

Curated Meats Of


Curated meats showcase a fundamental element of the traditional cuisine of Calabria. Come and learn how to make the famous anduia, enjoying the ritual of sharing great food with your friends and family.

Olives and Grapes Harvesting

Experience first-hand the art of making wine and olive oil. We will personalize some of the most genuine and delicious wine and olive oil for you.


Helicopter Rides

Bread Making and Calabria Specialties Cooking 

Explore some of the most beautiful local islands such as Stromboli, Panarea and Lipari. Ride across the blue sky of Calabria and admire its sea and coastlines.

Learn how to make great bread, dessert and delicious local specialty. Using all local ingredients, learn the process to make the most fundamental food on earth. Practice how to combine salt, water, yeast, and flour into warm, crusty, and delicious breads and desserts.

Mountain and Sea Horseback-riding Excursions

Rafting and Hiking in Sila

Enjoy family-friendly rides through the coasts and hills of Calabria, visiting sites that cannot be reached by car. This is a unique way to discover local sites, in complete connection with nature.

Calabria is perfect individuals who are into sports: enjoy hiking, wind-surfing, kitesurfing, canoeing, rafting in the Lao river or in the Sila gorges, or along many rivers in the Pollino National Park.

Collection Of Mushrooms and Snails

Private Barbeque in the Mountains

Like other festival-bearing regions in the Bel Paese, simmer months in Calabria months are filled with celebrations to pay homage to everything from various saints to wild mushrooms and snails and nothing punctuates a Calabrian vacation like getting in on the action.

Grilled meet, fish, vegetables with a glass of local wine surrounded by the wild and picturesque Calabria mountains... what else do you need?

Catered Private Beaches

Honey Making Classes

Enjoy secluded beaches in the dream-like coasts of Calabria, accessible only by boat. We can arrange from a beautiful 'aperitivo' at sunset, to lovely dinners by the water.

Learn the secrets and methods of extracting honey from local honeycombs. We will then put in a personalized jar for you to take home and remember. 

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