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Our Story

"It is remarkable how closely the history of the apple tree is connected with that of man."  Henry David Thoreau


The Ciampa olive grove rises in Amaroni overlooking the Squillace Gulf on the Ionian Sea, on the breathtaking hills of Calabria where Hannibal rested on his return to Carthage after the Second Punic War, and theater of the blossoming Magna Grecia.


In the area that was ruled by Lucrezia Borgia’s youngest brother Goffredo during the Renaissance, the Ciampa family has cultivated land since 1774.


Handed down from father to son, the tradition is still preserved, thanks to the vision of the late Don Peppino Ciampa (1909-2004), carried out today by Venanzio, Jo, Adele and Thomas Ciampa. 


The quality of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Ciampa Antico” has remained unaltered over the years, as its organic cultivation, while blending tradition and the latest olive pressing techniques, resulting in an accentuation of the oil properties and the oil’s intense fruit savor.


The vigor of the olive grove combined with a determination to research an always superior excellence remains the family’s main focus today – a true homage to heritage and to the long-time Ciampa history.

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