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How to Use Ciampa Antico

“If I knew how to paint, I would devote myself to painting olive trees. Such richness in a single subject!” Aldous Huxley


Thanks to its specific qualities – low acidity, intense yet fruitful taste, delicately bitter after taste – Ciampa Antico can be considered the perfect oil for most purposes.


It can prepare the best “soffritto” when making a “pasta e fagioli,” or a “Bolognese meat sauce,” or when sautéing vegetables such as spinach or broccoli rape.


It is also apt for dressing salads, whether as simple as an oil & vinegar dressing, or preparing a French vinaigrette, an Italian or Lemon Zest dressing.


It can even substitute butter in a cake, making the cake healthier and lighter.


A simple “pinzimonio” made with Ciampa Antico offers special finger-food to your most elegant table: add some salt and pepper in a small bowl of oil, and dip your veggies into it. Simple as that!


For more info on recipes, food suggestions, and the use and properties of extra virgin oil, or to add your suggestions on recipes created with Ciampa Antico, please email us.

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