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Superstar director Oliver Stone and iconic actor Richard Dryfuss in Amaroni, guest of Palazzo Ciampa

August 6, 2018


The Ciampa Family had the pleasure to host great personalities at the Palazzo such as Academy Award Winner Oliver Stone, director of iconic films such as Platoon and Wall Street and Academy Award Winner Richard Dreyfuss, actor of unforgettable films like The Shark and Close Encounters Of The Third Type.  The personalities visited Amaroni to attend the unique Santa Barbara procession, joining also Italian personaliries such as Sabina Guzzanti, Nicolas Vaporidis, soccer coach Claudio Ranieri with his wife Rosanna, great friends of the Ciampa family and the brothers Tommaso and Italo Marzotto. It was a different holiday for these icons of Hollywood cinema that have walked the streets of Amaroni and visited the Church of the '700. 

Award Winning Actor Mark Ruffalo is a fan of Ciampa Antico Olive oil! 

September 13, 2017

Award winning actor Mark Ruffalo, who has starred in great movies such as The Avengers, The Kids Are Alright, Foxcatcher and many more, has become a fan of Ciampa Antico Olive Oil after receiving it as a gift from Venanzio. Mark, who also has calabrian origins, loves the unique flavor of this olive oil that connects him to his roots.
From Boxing to Global Marketing, the American Dream of Venanzio Ciampa

July 10, 2014


"The punches I experienced in boxing helped me understand that I could get up. Because there's nothing more fiercely poetic than boxing and basically, at work, it's what I still do: a boxing that's a little different but always boxing. " Boxing, journalism, and events. This is the past and present life of Venanzio Ciampa, an Italian-American entrepreneur from New York who deals with promotion and communication". Click below to read the full interview of Venanzio on Italian news platform Il Sole24Ore.

What’s on My Desk: Venanzio Ciampa, President of The Promotion Factory

September 25, 2013


Venanzio Ciampa founded The Promotion Factory 10 years ago with the goal of building an agency that truly “lived” for its clients, while also creating a family atmosphere for its employees.

I always have a bottle of Ciampa Antico, the olive oil I produce in Italy. It reminds me of my farming roots. I came from a small town in Calabria and arrived in the States with little. Being able to play in the big leagues of communication with success makes me proud. Click below to read the full article from Haute Living Magazine.

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